Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Rant 1 - Overused Words and Phrases

I want to like, ya know, rant about overused words and phrases that we hear far too often these days. It could very well be the end of language as we know it. I even prayed about this in a special way.

I shudder whenever anyone says “irregardless”, break out in a cold sweat when people proclaim their intention to never “step foot” in some disagreeable establishment, and go into full fits of laughter whenever someone assures me that they “could care less” about something.

So let me put my two cents in. Let's put on the language pants and walk down that street. Just follow the carbon footprints. Maybe if we think outside the box we can change things. Literally. After all is said and done it's not rocket science now is it?

Now, back in the day, the bottom line was clear, concise speech and writing. Know what I mean? Today we see whatever floats peoples boats. Frankly, we have now become wrapped up in using meaningless phrases to fill in the blanks where actual thought should be taking place. That being said we also try to make new words fit old ideas and usages. Cars no longer come in makes and models but editions, limited editions and issues. TV shows no longer broadcast episodes but events. And they are digital and HD! At the end of the day, however, it is still the same old stuff. But it is still totally awesome!

Oh snap! It just drives me bonkers to hear and read all this stuff. You know what I'm saying? Then again, maybe not and if not, my bad. At the end of the day I could care less. Having said that, we really should pay closer attention. After all is said and done, if you snooze you lose. That's what I'm talkin' about! Actually, I am just writing about it.

The perils of this language abuse — in terms of its tendency to dumb-down both the language and those who use it — cannot be overstated!

That's it in a nutshell.

But wait!! There's more!



I think that puts the nail in the coffin. I have to run to the post office. I am going to try to use food stamps to mail a watermelon.


  1. Stan - great blog! going to follow yours and put it on mine so others can find you too!

    just a point about what you wrote:
    if that's what you're talkin' about...well then woudl it not follow that
    that's what you're writin' about too? Why use the "g" be consistent stan ..SNAP!
    lol loved it really