Friday, January 30, 2009

The Lake - 5 (and an answer)

Well, this morning I finally got to see what this Lake Nuncansee is all about. Dad took me out on my favorite leash ( a birthday present, you know) and we headed out in the back yard near the big maple tree. All of a sudden there we were standing by this lake with a neat little town just down the road a piece. And Dad took the leash off! He told me that it was very safe here and that I could go wandering anywhere I wanted. I asked Dad to stick with me and headed off exploring. I met a really neat cat named RJ and we became very good freinds. RJ had alot to talk about and I will have to tell you all about it in the future but first I want to tell you a different story.

We visited Osaycan University and I learned about an extraordinary adventure the students had there not too long ago. It all involved their oceanography department. Every year it seems that the students involve themselves in a year long project. This year the project was the most ambitious ever attempted. They built their own sailing ship and planned to set sail and explore with it. All the students took a different part of the ship and learned all they could about it and then applied the knowlrdge to build and sail her. They named the ship"Dawn" because it was a brand new experience for all of them. Linda Fry invented oil lamps for night time illumination although they burned hot enough that their sockets sometimes glowed from the excess heat. Larry Watt learned all he could about sail-making and really did well. George Site invented a combination telescope, sextant, binocular and trained himself in the fine art of being a look-out. Sam Bagg became the cook; and made up all the meals in pouches that became known as Baggs. And then came the day -they were all readyand excited.

And so they sailed out into Osaycan U Sea. By the "Dawn"'s oily light, Watt sewed proudly his sails by the Fry light best gleaming. But fog rolled in and dimmed the bright stars in the perilous night. And the ramparts they watched were so shiningly gleaming. And the sockets red glare burned right through the air and gave proof in the Site: that their Baggs were still there.

And after that first scary night the students had a very interesting and enjoyable trip and even made a few discoveries. Like the Bermuda Quadrangle where things that had never disappeared at all began to reappear before their very eyes. They had discovered the grave yard of Madison Avenue where all the brand names that never made it were disposed of. Just a sample of what they found were a six-pack of 6-Up, Uhtooba Toothpaste, Annie Lectric Razor and a Flatt raial tire, Ran Sid mayonaise and even some books that never sold enough copies to make their cost worthwhile. Some of the titles were -"A Bakker's Dozen -Twelve Truths in Evangelism" by J. Bakker; "Coffee Etiquette in the British Isles" by T. Bagg (no relation); "Indoor Cat Behavior" by D. Claude Pawws; "How to Avoid Probate" by R. Nixon; "How to Play Rite Field" by D. Strawberry; "Train Driving -an Instructional Manual" by Casey Jones and so on and so on. All will be welcome additions to the Osaycan U. Library I am sure.

It was a great trip and all the students received more than an A for their work. They were also enshrined in the Lake Nuncansee Hall of Fame and took their rightful place amongthe most famous names in Lake history. Names such as Sy Burnette, Sue Flay, Adam Baum, April Schauer, Laura Norder and Lon Moer,the famous diamond cutter from Yankee Stadium.

I almost forgot what I was going to write about. But, not to worry! That fact leads into a story about one thing that happened during my visit which concerns an old Indian. RJ and I were walking down the street when we saw this old Indian standing in front of a cigar store. He looked like a very intersting character and RJ told me his story.

His name is Mytonka. Translated into English his name means -dweller in the place of smooth waters and constant sunshine except when the clouds roll in and the rain comes to raise the level of the river and wash over the bountiful plain that provides all of the fruit and grain that we could ever need when the sun hides behind the clouds that bring the magic wet, white powder from the sky and the wind blows and sounds like a hawk in the night sky that is angry at something or other. Mytonka is a member of the Sighyoox tribe (pronounced Sioux) and has become world famous for his incredible memory. RJ told me that one day a long time ago a man came up to Mytonka and asked himm what he (Mytonka) had for breakfast that day. "Eggs", replied Mytonka. Then just last week the same man came by some 33 years, 2 months and 24 days later and went up to the old Indian and said, "How?". Without even pausing for a second Mytonka answered, "scrambled".

Unfortuneately we learned that there had been tragedy in this Indian's life just the other day. His beloved son Chingcachtonkgookhahatonkminnierahabosockowampum had passed away. His name when translated comes out - Hi!. Anyway we asked if there was anything that we could do and he told us some stories about his wonderful son, whom he called shortcake for short. He sounded like a very good person to know. An animal lover and all that. But we had to ask yet again if there was anything we could do for Mytonka and he sadly replied, "No thank you, squaw bury shortcake.".

RJ and I also talked about how dogs compare to cats -which was a pretty short talk.

There just is no comparison. One fact alone should prove this - dogs are trained to poop on newspaper, cats read them. In everyday language dogs come out the loser. Consider some ofthe following expressions -the dog days of summer, ugly as a dog, dog-tired, and dog-eared. Cats, on the other hand, fare much better -sleek as a cat, cute as a kitten, purrs likea cat, the cats meow amd on and on. Of course once in a while the language messes up such as in -raining cats and dogs. But at least cats don't loiter around and form poodles. Even the language we talk in is much more gentle and loving. I mean what do dogs do? Bark, growl, yowl, yelp. Cats on the other hand purr, meow and sigh. Where is the comparison, I ask you?

What's that? Cats don't like baths? Well, true most of us don't (I am an exception) but then we really don't need one. We wash and keep ourselves clean while dogs are too lazy to even do that. Cats don't retreive! Why should we? You threw it, you go get it. Dogs still haven't figured out that once they bring back the stick you are just going to throw it away again. We have more smarts than that!

Well, anyway enough of my bragging. It is unbecoming for me to do it. I'll let my personality speak for itself.

I think Dad said we are going back to the Lake again soon so I will probably have more to write about in a few days or so. There sure is alot to explore over there. Is there anything you are curious about or want to know about the Lake? I am very good at finding out stuff but I need to know what to look for first. Let me know and I'll do my best. So, until next time I send you all my pppuurrrrrmmmmmeeeowwww!
Oh!! The answer? Here you go -
He simply answered: "I would give the car keys to my old friend, and let him take the lady to the hospital. I would stay behind and wait for the bus with the woman of my dreams."

Sometimes, we gain more if we are able to give up our stubborn thought limitations.

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  1. Wonderful to hear about the old Indian. Sorry about his son's demise.
    Are there any football teams associated with The Lake?