Monday, January 12, 2009

Playing In The Word-Farm

What follows here are just some fun writings. Maybe there is some meaning to them, maybe not. The aim here is for folks to smile, have a chuckle or two and maybe have a thought or two.

These writings come from several sources. Some were written as stories to my daughter when she left home to join the US Air Force. Some were thoughts shared between Zero (my late cat and editor) and me. Some are just idle ramblings of a wandering, curious mind.

I hope you will enjoy!


  1. I"m interested in the editing abilities of cats. Can you elaborate on Zero's activities in this regard?

  2. What goes on in the mind of a cat is dangerous territory for humans to explore. I can only tell you this - when I would write Zero would hop up an curl up in my lap. If something she read caught her interest she would stare at the screen and follow the cursor. She would occasionally paw at it as if to speed it up and satisfy her curiosity. But if it was not to her liking she would turn around, fall asleep and snore quite loudly, leaving no doubt as to her opinion of the writing.

  3. Zero was an exceptional cat!