Saturday, July 23, 2011

Where Is A Good Saint When You Need One?

Did you ever wonder just how many saints there are? Or need one for a particular problem? Try calling on some of these.

St. Florian, Patron Saint of soap boilers.

St. Goar of Aquitaine, Patron Saint of champagne bottlers.

St. Martin of Tours, Patron Saint of geese.

I wonder if anyone on Donld Trump's show has ever prayed to St. John Bosco, the parton of apprentices.

Charles Borromeo, Apple Orchards.

Magnus of F├╝ssen, Caterpillars.

Guy of Anderlecht, Animals with Horns.

Beer brewers, St. Augustine.

Catherine of Alexandria, patron of knife sharpeners.

St. Venerius, patron saint of lighthouse keepers.

And to finish off a very incompltere list...

Christopher: Truck Drivers

Adjutor: Yachtsmen

Dismas: Thieves

Vitus: Snakebites

Gabriel the Archangel: Stamp Collectors

Bartholomew: Tanners

Bernard of Montjoux: Skiers

Vincent Ferrer: Plumbers

Bartholomew: Plasterers

Nichola of Myra: Perfumors

Dunstan: Locksmiths

Theobald of Provins: Janitors

Joseph: House hunters

John the Baptist: Highways

Fiarce: Hemorrhoids

Mary Magdalene: Hairdressers

Anthony of Egypt: Grave diggers

Luke: Glassworkers

Bona of Pisa: Flight attendents

Vitus: Dog bites

Vitus: Dancers

Lawrence: Cooks

Eligius: Coin Collectors

Anne: Cemeteries

John Nepmucen: Bridges

Christopher: Bus drivers

Ambrose: Bees

Anthony of Egypt: Basket workers

Cosmas and Damian: Barbers

Elizabeth of Hungary: Bakers

Rene Goupil: Anesthetists

Genesius: Actors

And the last few are ones we may actually find interesting -

Librarians, libraries - Jerome, Catherine of Alexandria

Writers - Francis de Sales

Literature - St. Helena

and finally - There is good ole St. Robby, Patron saint of humor. I almost fell out of my chair when I learned that Robby is also the patron saint of insomniacs.

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