Saturday, May 2, 2009

Our Staff

Anyone who writes a blog knows that it is not a one person job. There are many folks who toil behind the scenes to make each entry appear on your screen. Yet, of all the blogs I visit regularly, only a rare few ever credit these hard-working individuals.

Here at The Word Farm we appreciate all of those fine people. Here, then, is a presenatation of our hard-working, long-toiling and sometimes motley crew -

Director of Vengeance - Ewell Rudy Day

Seasonal Adjustment Disorder Specialist - Mahmoud S. Bleak

Icelandic Snowboarding Instructor - Soren Dekeester

Werewolf Studies Specialist - Harriet Knight

Accounts Payable Clerk, Moscow Office - Dasha Chekhov

Airline Seat Tester - Wilma Butfit

Air-Quality Monitor - Carmine Dioxide

Air Traffic Controller - Ulanda U. Lucky

Alignment Inspector - Lou Segusi

Animal Control Officer - Turner Luce

Art Critic - Phyllis Steen

Art Critic II - Dot Snice

Assertiveness Training Coach - Lois Steem

Customer Care Representive - Kurt Reply

Auto Seat Tester - Fitz Matush

Biblical Scholar - Vera Lee Isay

Band Leader - Juan Anatou

British Doorman - Isaiah Olchap

Bunji Jumping Instructor - Hugo Furst

Caffeine Addiction Counselor - Bruno Moore

Ice Rink Manager - Sam Boney

Opera Critic - Barbara Seville

Child Care Provider - A. Hugh Nokitov

Childrens Menu Adviser - Bea Ferroni

Childrens Music Programmer - Al Lowetta

Climate Change Monitor - Jillian Here

Computer Hardware Specialist - C. Colin Backslash

Conservative Political Researcher - Eileen Tudor-Wright

Creative Director - Drew A. Blank

Credit Counselor - Max Stout

Criminal Justice Expert - Lauren Order

Curator of Car Collection - Rex Galore

Daylight Savings Time Manager - Konrad Adenauer

Director of Alpine Choir - O. Leo Lahey

Director of Deep Sea Research - Marianna Trench

Director of Global Warming - Nomar Winter

Director of Luxury Car Horns - Tony Blare

Director of Pavlovian Research - Isabelle Ringing

Director of Photography - Len Scapon

Director of Speed Bumps - SlowMeDown Milosevic

Director of Staff Bonuses - Holly Unlikely

Director of Standard Time - Red Auerbach

Director of Three Stooges Studies - Lee Eyeapoka

Director of Top Secret Strategy - Donatello Nobatti

Document Security Expert - Euripedes Upmann

Dog Trainer - Don Chase Katz

Door-to-Door Sales - Annie Von Holm

Drug Trials Specialist - Placebo Domingo

Emergency Preparedness Director - Ron Lykell

Evasive Driving Instructor - Vera Bruptly

Fact Checker - Ella Fynoe

Food Taster - Howard D. Burgers

French Vacation Specialist - April Lynn Parris

Proctologist - Cameron Diaz

Grammar Consultant - I.M. Shirley Wright

Head of Security - Barb Dwyer

Head of Working Mother Support Group - Erasmus B. Dragon

Insurance Agent - Heidi Ductible

Janis Joplin Biographer - Ian Bobby McGee

Jazz Coordinator - Bertha Deblues

Liaison to the Space Program - Roger Houston

Long-Distance Truck Driver - Etienne Wheeler

Luncheon Chef - Hannah Mia Cannatunna

Manager, Rebate Program - Wendy Pigsfly

Museum Guide - Desdamona Lisa

Official Spokesperson - Howie Vasive

Official Spokesperson - Lou Scannon

Ornithologist in Training - Luke A. Byrd

Philosopher - Wanda Y. Datso

Photographer - F. Stop Fitzgerald

Physics Graduate Student - Laura Vernersha

Proofreader - Erin Spelling

Reincarnation Expert - Diana Komback

Roman History Buff - Vinnie V. Divici

Route Planner - Oliver D. Map

Safari Planner - Sarah Anne Getty

Safety Officer - Fay Tality

Special Liaison to the Energy Commission - Tonya Lightsov

Staff Activities Coordinator - Dewey Hafta

Staff Barber - Buzz Wutsleftov

Staff Barber II - Les Offenbach

Staff Caterer - Edith Ann Weepe

Staff Chaplain - Neil Down

Staff Fact Checker - Neera Nuff

Wardrobe Consultant - Natalie Attired

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  1. And here I thought you were working solo. Silly Me! :-)