Saturday, September 25, 2010

Driving On The Army of Tennesse Hihgway

How come nobody notices things like this until it is too late. This was not like an obscure misprint in a small print advertisement! It is a road sign!!! A BIG road sign!!

Transportation Dept. ridiculed for misspelling road sign.

Associated Press

A new sign on a highway near a Civil War battlefield in northwest Georgia is getting attention for the wrong reason.

The informational sign posted last week on U.S. 27 near the Chickamauga Battlefield says: "Army of Tennesse Hihgway." Both "Tennessee" and "Highway" are misspelled.

Chickamauga City Manager John Culpepper told the Chattanooga Times Free Press "they can't spell down at the Georgia Department of Transportation."

GDOT spokesman Mohamed Arafa said there are sometimes mistakes with names "but Tennessee, there's no excuse for that." He also said the department "used to be the Department of Highway."

Arafa said the sign would be fixed immediately.

Culpepper said the Confederate States of America signs were installed to mark the paths that troops took toward the Battle of Chickamauga.

"There is no excuse" for misspelling Tennessee?!? So, hihgway is ok??

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  1. These inaccuracies REALLY bother me. There are many "reasons" or "excuses" for them. All are terribly wrong!