Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Edinburgh Fringe

From BBC Scotland -

23 August 2010 Last updated at 03:40 ET

Comedian Tim Vine has won a prize for the funniest joke of this year's Edinburgh Fringe.

The pun pundit, who won the Perrier newcomer award in 1995, was presented with his latest prize by digital TV channel Dave.

His winning one-liner was: "I've just been on a once-in-a-lifetime holiday. I'll tell you what, never again."

Some of the other winners were:

Gary Delaney "As a kid I was made to walk the plank. We couldn't afford a dog."

Gary Delaney "Dave drowned. So at the funeral we got him a wreath in the shape of a lifebelt. Well, it's what he would have wanted."

Judges also selected some of the worst jokes of this year's Fringe, which included:

Sara Pascoe "Why did the chicken commit suicide? To get to the other side."

Emo Phillips "I like to play chess with bald men in the park although it's hard to find 32 of them."

Dan Antopolski "How many Spaniards does it take to change a lightbulb? Juan."

The article also included readers comments, such as:

Did you hear about the corduroy pillows? They're making headlines. Erik, Lancaster, California, USA

Did you hear the one about the magic tractor? It was driving along a road and then turned into a field. Adam Williams, Willingham, UK

The only good thing about being the only boy out of six children, was I got to have a bedroom to myself; even my Mum and Dad had to share. Gary Hughes, Portsmouth, England, UK

I miss my ex-wife.... but my aim is getting better. Steve Holton, Austin, TX USA

I recently read a book titled '1000 places to visit before you die'. Although I couldn't help thinking: 'As opposed to when?' S Porter, Merseyside, UK

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