Sunday, September 20, 2009

ThingsThat Make Me [Sic] - 2

Just a quick note from Gramma Dumpstercrumpet -

I am posting today because Stan is celebrating his birthday. He is 17. Celsius.

Everyone has an opinion on whether or not English should be declared the official language of the United States. Many people are offended that this is even being considered as necessary. Many of these people have taken to protesting. Of course, with protests come signs.

I would like the authors of these signs to consider learning their official language before using it to announce their ignorance.

By the way, if these folks think that state legislatures are going to consider declaring English our official language, I offer the following picture as proof that these hard working legislators are far too busy to have time for such notions. This is NOT a doctored or photo-shopped picture! It is the Connecticut State Legislature hard at work. The picture caused quite a stir when The Hartford Courant published it!

Look carefully! Two games of Solitaire and a baseball game! Amazing!

Just how close are we to the day we visit an old friend in the cemetery?

Happy Birthday Stan!!

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