Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Volume Of Wordmakers?

The replies are in. Here are the best.......

A fraggle of rocks. A scuttle of butts. A trouble of Tribbles. A babble of brooks. A lynch of pins. A meow of Catscanners. a pipeful of organists, a pluck of harpists, a c(h)ord of guitarists, A hawking of physicists,

A screech of sopranos
A flat of altos
A strain of tenors
A grumble of basses
A flail of conductors

A Quid of Pro-Quo’s

a sorrow of sword swallowers. Does alliteration magnify the effect?

A column of fifths.

A Pew of Preachers

A Wrath of Grapes

A Pen of Writers

A band of runners.

A thicket of plots.

An onslaught of butchers.

A quagmire of sticky subjects.

A coalition of miners.

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