Saturday, July 25, 2009

Just a Bit of Fun Today

Just to have a bit of fun today, here are some movie marquee juxtapositions:


One Fine Day
Mars Attacks
The Preacher's Wife

Men in Black
Batman & Robin

The Emperor & the Assassin
Now Hiring

Woman on Top
What Lies Beneath

What Lies Beneath
Space Cowboys

Is Paris Burning?
Paris Is Burning

Without a Clue

A Farewell to Arms

Dead Again
You Only Live Twice

Gone With The Wind

Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?
The Incredible Hulk

I am sure readers can come up with many more!

Juxtapositions are not limited to movies. I once saw these two books sitting next to each other on a shelf at a kids' bookstore:

Where Do Babies Come From?
The Soles of Your Feet

How about removing a single letter from a book or movie or poem title?

Midnight in the Garden of Goo and Evil
The Brides of Madison County
Lice in Wonderland
The English Patent
The Princess Brie
The Love Son of J. Alfred Prufrock
A Wrinkle in Tim
The Hose at Pooh Corner
The Rave
"Once upon a midnight dreary, as I stumbled weak and weary
Over many a drugged delirious dancer passed out on the floor..."
One With The Wind
A Zen manual.

How well do you remember your Latin?

My Latin teacher back in the 9th grade gave us this piece and asked that those interested in laughing try to translate it. It read:

O sybile
si ergo!
Fortibus es in ero!
O nobile
deis trux!
Vadis indem?
Caus en dux!

Give up? Scroll down!

Oh see Billy
see 'er go
Forty buses in a row!
Oh no Billy
they is trucks!
What is in them?
Cows and ducks!