Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Replies Are In! "Bingo!" said Tom benignly.

“Is it Tom Swiftie or Tom Swifty?” she asked, spellbound.

“I really dislike reading Hugo,” said Les miserably.

"I think its a Great White shark," said Tom superficially.

"The fare may be more than I expected, so I brought some extra cash," said Justin Case.

“That ballpoint pen of yours ceased working,” said Tom ubiquitously.

“Watch out for the crows,” Tom said cautiously.

"Bring down the prisoners," said Tom condescendingly.

"I’m all for exams!” Tom protested.

"Yes, we have no banana cream pie" the baker retorted.

“I don’t know which way to turn”, he said, amazed.

“My bicycle wheel is melting”, Tom spoke softly.

“I’m a Vermont Maid,” she said surreptiously.

“Pastry for dessert - again?” Tom asked tartly.
“Pastry for dessert - again!” Dom retorted.

“It’s between an ace and a three,” Holmes deduced.

“I’ve lost over a hundred head of cattle,” said the rancher mysteriously.

"I lost my little locket and I'm so disheartened!"

“I dreamt they were ‘Riverdancing’ right on top of me,” said Michael flatly.

“I’m trying to stop global warming,” he said allegorically.

“I SEE ONLY AN INK BLOT!” Tom roars, shocking the psychologist.

He could tell the price of the beer by the BAR code.

“Sometimes you just have to count to five…,” said Tom metaphorically.

"I lay carpet" the man explained, his car speeding on, his gas pedal floored.
"I work repairing oven" he said haughtily.
"Guess who's coming to dinner" she said stewing in anger.
I don't want to be a jeweler said the young man, his ruby cheeks aglow.
Teaching judo on the deck of the ship to a young woman, he noticed at a distance a dolphin just as he went to flip-her.
"Look at all those coming for my autograph" she said, fanning herself.
Upon further reflection she said "I really don't like that new mirror."
"I am so sick of this car smoke I could die" he said exhaustively.
"I am working harder than any man here" said Frank in his lazy drawl.
"Someone help me with this nut" he said crazily.
"I think I'll give up this silver mine" he said with abandon.
"Submarines are hard to understand" he said with a sigh, not wishing to go deep.
"I like to walk on the moon" said the man with the crater sized mouth.