Sunday, June 28, 2009

Collective Nouns

Many of the collective nouns with which we are familiar can be found in the “Book of St. Albans,” published in 1486. This curious volume, often attributed to Juliana Berners, contains treatises on hawking, hunting and heraldry, as well as a host of, now famous, nouns of assemblage, including:

An exultation of larks; a parliament of rooks; a murmuration of starlings; a shrewdness of apes; a gaggle of geese; a turmoil of porpoises; a business of ferrets; a spring of teal; and a pride of lions.

Please send me ypur collective nouns and have a smile or tow at those of others.

To give you a start I offer these few -

A twitter of twits.

A scribble of grafitti artists.

A click of photographers.

An injection of IVF specialists.

A vision of ophthalmologists.

And this one that may best be appreciated by our friends in England -

A copse of Bobbies.

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  1. A copse of Bobbies took me a second but then I fell out of my chair! Great one.

    I'll bet you you appreciate this one - a pee of queues.

    PY Wallace

    Name ring a bell yet?