Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Lake - 6 6 - ekaL ehT

Well, it has been a quiet time in Lake Nuncansee lately. The storm did very little damage although the statue of the Unkbown Airman now has matching ears and sits about ten feet further back than he used to. It looked as if he saw the tornado coming and tried to run but the weight held him back a bit.

On the social scene there was a rather important anniversary celebrated last week. The Halls, Monte and Zuma, were given a party in honor of their 50th year of marriage. Their two sons, Stud E. and Al K., did all the work and a good time was had by all. The big present that the Halls received was a high definition, lcd color television with a fifty inch screen and a smaller version with a two inch screen. Monte commented that it was always what he wanted - a trash compactor.

The circus was in town. Everybody was having such a good time watching the acts and visiting the carnival booths. I was fascinated by one booth that held a lady who said "no" to everything that she was asked. No matter how hard people tried the answer was always "no". The sign on the front of her booth read -"Cleopatra -Queen of Denial".

All the fun went out of it though. During the grand parade Chuckles the Clown was killed by an elephant. It is suspected that the peanut costume that Chuckles was wearing at the time may have been the cause. He had been with the circus since his birth to a family of circus clowns. Born in a trunk, died in a trunk. It is miraculous that no one else was hurt -you know how hard it is to stop after just one peanut. A few of the other clowns that were dressed as bananas quickly vacated the area lest one of the gorillas try to peel him to death.

Well, that certainly messed up what otherwise had been a pretty good day. I thought maybe a quiet walk would help so I went walking through the forest alone. A tree fell right in front of me and I didn't hear it.

Anyway, while I was out for this walk I got to thinking about hobbies. To me, at least, a hobby is something you go crazy about in order not to go crazy over everything else in the world. I guess the most popular form of hobby is collecting. People collect everything from stamps, coins and postcards to beer cans, liscense plates and matchbook covers. I have a large seashell collection that I keep scattered over the beaches of the world. Maybe you've seen it.

One of my freinds here at Lake Nuncansee has a hobby of inventing things. He keeps plugging away, day after day. He hasn't had too much success lately but he just sent off for a patent on something that I think has real promise for this rush-around world that you humans seem to enjoy living in. It is a microwave fireplace. You can lie down in front of the fire for the evening in eight minutes.

By the way, my friend's human is a midget. It was tough to make a living for awhile but now he has a steady income posing for trophies. He was rushed to the hospital with severe cramps last week but when he read the admission form he left. It said "Sex - Male or Female". He didn't think much of a hospital that couldn't tell the difference.

I also met an elderly couple whose three sons had just taken over their ranch where they raised beef cattle. You know the kind that steaks and the like come from. They said that the ranch was now named the Focus Ranch. I thought that was a little odd until they explained that it was where the sons raise meat.

A local scientist is almost ready to try out his newest invention and thinks it may have possibilities to win a Nobel Prize. Proffessor Wardsback has been working for more than fifteen years on a device to travel through time. He has finally reasoned that he can't make time go backward in just one small location but rather it would have to be all of time everywhere all moving back together. He feels this would be a terrific idea that could be used to correct many mistakes that occur every day in the world. For example, one. could go back and not board an airplane that later crashed. He says that the possibilities are virtually endless.

Personally I don't think you can mess with time like that. There has to be some basic error in his reasoning but I can't think of what it would be. His big experiment is going to be held some time this afternoon. I hope the bitterness of failure won't kill his ambition. Actually the experiment should be starting right about now.

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