Saturday, April 2, 2011

Where Does Your Team Play?

It used to be that sports venues had interesting and picturesque names. There is Yankee Stadium - The House that Ruth Built in New York, The Indianapolis Motor Speedway or The Brickyard, Wrigley Field known as The Friendly Confines to all baseball fans, Madison Square Garden is, of course, The World's Most Famous Arena in New York for basketball fans and, across the pond there is Old Trafford - The Theatre of Dreams.

But most new venues may look wonderful and interesting, their names leave a lot to be desired. Consider -

Progressive Field (formerly Jacobs Field) known as The Jake in Cleveland

Qualcomm Stadium - The Q in San Diego

Tropicana Field - The Trop in St. Petersburg

Safeco Field - The Safe in Seattle


Turner Field - The Ted in Atlanta.

How exciting! What mental images do those words bring to mind?

Even here in CT we have Rentschler Field where the UConn Huskies play football. It is now more commonly known as The Rent. That sure gives a whole new meaning to "paying the rent"!

I look forward to the day when a schiitake mushroom conglomerate takes ownership of a beautiful sports venue.

"Welcome fans! Today's game from the ..." well, you can figure it out. As my wife said when she read this, "No, no not The Mush and not The Shroom! Hey! I know my... well ,you know.

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