Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Sad Day

It was a sad day. My pet bookworm, Tome, has gone to the Great Library In The Sky.

I had given him a new book to get into and digest. He smiled as he sat down at the table of contents and dug in. About 30 minutes later he looked very ill. I called for help and hoped for the best. But it was too late. The doctor removed the appendix but Tome had passed.

I sat down and tried to write his obituary. As I wrote, a drop of ink fell to the paper. Another wave of sadness washed over me. The poor drop sat there, all alone. He looked up and realized that his parents were still in the pen and he had no idea how long the sentence was.



  1. YOU SLAY ME, Stan!!!! Your brain is whacky and wonderful and weird!!!!! :) K

  2. I'm rather concerned about the drop of ink. You really Don't get out, do you?!