Thursday, April 22, 2010

Just asking...

Last weekend (April 16-18) Schott's Vocab had the usual Weekend Competition. It was presented like this -

April 16, 2010, 12:01 pm
Weekend Competition: Whelmed by Outunendo

This weekend, co-vocabularists are invited to create necessary neologisms by monkeying with prefixes and suffixes.

For example:

Why, when one can be overwhelmed and underwhelmed, cannot one be whelmed?

Surely, unsubtle innuendo is outuendo, and innuendo that goes too far is innuendon’t.

Is one who hates all married women a mrsanthrope?

And, how many of us have ever been gruntled?

As I have posted before, I really enjoy these competitions and I posted a few replies and thoroughly enjoyed the many replies that came in. Then this past Tuesday morning (early! As in 3:00AM or so) my mind began to gather more neologisms. Too late!! So let me post a few here if for no other reason than to release them from the depths (shallows?) of my mind.

Now that I am out of my infancy am I now in my fancy?

If a gentleman is giving me directions would his wife be misgiving them?

If a candidate for political office gets the nomination of his/her party and then it is taken away is that a denomination?

If I grow cabbage in a patch and then harvest them do they become dispatched?

If a sect become extremely annoying has it become an insect?

If I stand but I an under an awning am I now understanding?

If i am driving in the snow and have good traction but then get stuck do I now have subtraction?

If I am the chief in my family is my wife the mischief?

Just asking...

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