Friday, February 19, 2010

Like Fingernails On A Blackboard

Do certain words and/or phrases drive you up the hall? err, wall?

Here are a few that make me shudder -

Irregardless – Look it up. ”Commonly used by ignorant people.”


Think outside the box (My cat, Zero, used to do that on occasion. Oh! Wait! That was "tink"),


The end of (insert word here) as we know it.

That said, … (or having said that, …) followed by a contradictory opinion.

The habit of calling almost everyone "dear" or "hon" or "sweetie."

Shovel ready - When someone dies, he or she, too, is 'shovel ready' for burial, and so I get confused about the meaning.

Tweet, and all its variations -- used in connection with the Twitter social-networking site.

There's an app for that -- coined by Apple to use in promoting applications made for its popular iPhone.

There also seems to be a perfect storm of using 'Obama' as a prefix. Is there a bailout available to this problem? In the end (and at the end of the day) it probably is what it is and there is no public option to this surreal issue. It could be the end of grammar as we know it...

That being said, Whatever goes on from Wall Street to Main Street is sure to leave a huge carbon footprint. Ya know?

It certainly seems as though imaginative and thoughtful word usage has gone missing and it is high time we started cracking down on our language usage!

As we move forward, let me be clear. This is a whole nother scenario as we look at the facts on the ground. Well, maybe not so much. Yeah, enough of that.

Just sayin'.

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