Friday, November 13, 2009

Where The Heck Are We?

I was looking around on Ref Desk this morning when I found this tidbit - FACT OF THE DAY: In 1890, the United States Board on Geographic Names declared that all city names ending in "burgh" should drop the final "h." But in 1911, after protests from citizens, the board said Pittsburgh, Pa., could keep the extra letter.

Was there really a government agency devoted to this stuff? I looked around and found U.S. Board on Geographic Names.

Why am I not shocked?

Then I decided to look around for some strange place names in the US. Among the many I found were these -

Unalaska, Alaska

Why, Arizona

Dunmovin, California

Yreka Zzyzx, California

No Name, Colorado

Weeki Wachee, Weewahitchka and Yeehaw Junction, Florida

Idaho Beer Bottle Crossing, Georgia

Diagonal, Iowa

Cuba, Denmark, Holland, Rome and Zurich Kansas

Typo, Kentucky ( I know MANY people from there!)

Ware, Massachusetts (I'm from Ware?)

Hot Coffee and Coffeeville, Mississippi (Bur I could not find a Decaf anywhere!)

Frankenstein, Missouri

Cat Elbow Corner, New York

Cookietown, Oklahoma

Potato Creek and Pringle, South Dakota

Vermont Bread Loaf, Utah

Imalone, Wisconsin

And here I thought I was starnge by living in Lake Nuncansee, CT.

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